Audio Visual system

Modern conference rooms need to provide participants with a lot more than a big table, comfortable chairs, and a coffeemaker. Collaboration among complex and distributed teams across multiple locations requires the room to support the needs of both on-site and virtual conferencing.

But no matter what new technical challenges emerge, one thing remains constant: participants will look to us as their A/V consultant to ensure clear, sharp audio that lets all participants “hear every word” to ensure consistent intelligibility.
All the components of the audio system must work together reliably and in synergy with the space’s video and IT resources. They must also support the latest technologies and offer the flexibility to adapt to new ones as they emerge.

a) Video Conferencing 

SVL’s End-to-End Video Conferencing Solution provides 1080p60 HD video that is highly reliable, secure, and stable. It offers a smooth across-the-table conferencing experience that:

  • Saves on travel costsvc
  • Improves productivity
  • Accelerates decision-making

Whatever your video conferencing needs, from small rooms to cinema-level, SVL has a solution will help keep your company competitive.
With increasingly fierce competition and rapid internationalization, companies must respond quickly to customer demands. They need lightning-fast decision-making to adapt and video conferencing is an important tool.

  • Internationalization requires frequent communication and collaboration between groups around the globe. Travel costs increase all the time so many enterprises turn to video conferencing to help the bottom line.
  • Effective communication depends on technological innovation. People require ever-better video conferencing with high quality audio, video, and data sharing.
  • Systems must be stable, with backup mechanisms to meet internal requirements. Plus, they must integrate with existing office or service systems to keep costs low and make them easy to use.
  • New systems must integrate with existing systems, such as OA and industrial systems, to increase use

The SVL End-to-End Video Conferencing Solution helps meet those challenges and more.
Driven by the need for remote communication and collaboration, the video conferencing solution offers these features.
Create an in-person experience with life-like 1080p60 HD video, panoramic seamless telepresence, eye-to-eye contact, sound localization, and dynamic dual streaming

b) Interactive screens/ white boards

Transform a traditional presentation into a dynamic educational or business experience with Interactive White Board or interactive touch screens. Our interactive screen technology, delivers highly readable, Full-High-Definition (FHD) quality presentations that command viewer attention and hold it with direct access to rich content.
To further enhance corporate presentations and encourage collaboration in meetings, the solution provides on-screen writing, video and image capture capabilities, as well as supporting a wide range of file formats.

With a wide range of interactive touch solutions, SVL’s interactive displays represent best-in-class image performance while tailored to meet the unique needs of each application. Built for the most demanding environments and to customers’ exacting standards, SVL displays offer unmatched performance, durability and value across our broad product offering.
As the world reinvents itself, your challenge is to explore it. There are countless new ways to work, new ideas to share, new things to see.
Whether you are interacting in a shopping store, in a hallway, in a school or a conference room, SVL can help you reach new heights with our interactive solutions. Brainstorm with a group, share content and designs, annotate and edit – all with ease.

c) Audio system – P.A

The purpose of a quality sound system is to amplify an otherwise in-audible sound and project it to an audience in the most pleasing way. Today’s sound needs present a broad range of challenges from educational facilities where speech intelligibility is critical, to commercial facilities and multi-purpose arenas where superior sound reinforcement and exceptional audio performance is required.

With each application comes a different set of sonic demands. At SVL, we design and engineer solutions that cover a variety of situations including educational, governmental, religious, restaurant, retail, entertainment, and transit facilities regardless of the size of the space or crowd. In any application, clear, natural reproduction of the original sound source, with very low noise and minimal distortion is key.


SVL provides a full range of MATV, SMATV & IPTV Integrated Services critical for the success of any service oriented organization, residential buildings, hotels, hospitals and public centers.
Our rich experience in Designing, Implementing & Upgrading allows us to manage your specific project with total control. Once installed, you will quickly notice optimum usage and output from the system.

Moreover, the professional expertise of our staff will ensure the system continues to provide maximum benefits in the future.
We ensure the success of all projects through professional planning, efficient project management and having experienced people working on the job, who have successfully completed similar projects in the past.
We at SVL work in a manner that is supportive of your needs and provides solutions catering to different sets of broadcast content. Further we have close business relationship with the market leaders in SMATV and IPTV systems, which will enable us to combine our experience and expertise with the right technology to provide you the best suited solution for your requirement.

MATV, IPTV is 0ur multi channel, multi user environment solution for television broadcasting and entertainment solutions provided.
Our solution offering includes…

  • MATV Coaxial cabling structureIPTV-Network-Television-19599157-e1345641800980
  • MATV Head End ( VHF/UHF antennas and Analog/DTV modulators)
  • IPTV LAN infrastructures
  • IPTV Head End (VHF/UHF antennas and IP Steamers )
  • Single solutions for small complexes