Access control systems

Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) are critical to ensuring safety, security and preparing for an emergency. If it’s a single access control door solution or a fully integrated access control system across multiple buildings and sites, SVL can utilise your IP network to provide you with an access control solution for your organisation.

Locks and keys allow you to lock and secure your building, but when keys are lost or stolen it can be a real pain and expensive to replace locks and re-issue keys.babylon-access-control-systems
All businesses have assets to protect and staff to keep safe. And there is also the issue that locks can be left open if they require manual locking. With an Access control system doors/barriers are locked automatically.

Internal access can be controlled for specific people, for example the receptionist can access all doors but can be restricted from accessing the accounts and Directors office.

Your access control system can be integrated with your CCTV video management system, Doors can be plotted on interactive building software maps, and if a door is forced open the nearest camera view automatically pops up on the security guards or receptions computer. Or if an intercom is pressed for access, the receptionist or security guard can verify who is at the door and grant access remotely.

Access control systems can be browser based and can be accessed from anywhere on the IP Network or internet from any device including mobile devices. Whether it’s restricting employee access, putting the building into lock down or opening a door or gates remotely. The end result is easy access and control around the clock.

Our access control systems integrate with other IT systems CCTV system, Building management systems, Parking management system, lifts, visitor management system and other IT logical systems.