LANs and WANs

As a critical business enabler, today’s network must provide a competitive advantage by being extremely agile and reliable.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing infrastructure or you are planning a new network from the ground up, SVL engineers will provide you with the local area network and wide area network solutions your business needs.

Our networking solutions are designed to take a holistic view of your network, and are customized for our clients’ specific needs. SVL technical specialists look for areas to optimize and protect your network through secure connections and infrastructure fitted with appropriate network device.

Over the past years, we have built expertise in the design, implementation, management and optimisation of highly-redundant campus networks for large enterprises and high performance switch networks for small and medium organisations. Our LAN/WAN solutions are designed such that they provide the required level of flexibility, scalability, intelligence, redundancy, availability, usability, reach ability, reliability, robustness and self healing capabilities to support the growing number of servers, desktops and offices in organisation.

To ensure our customers get value for their money, we ensure that our design and implementation methodologies are based on current-best practice model as recommended by the original equipment manufacturers of the product used in providing a LAN/WAN solution to our customers. Currently we use the Cisco hierarchical model for campus network design, reference design guidelines from Siemons and Cisco in the design and implementation of other LAN/WAN solutions.lan and wan

Our LAN/WAN Solutions

  • LAN/WAN Infrastructure Design
  • LAN/WAN Infrastructure Implementation
  • LAN/WAN Security
  • LAN/WAN Optimization
  • LAN/WAN Assessment