SVL High Definition IP CCTV provides crystal clear and evidential video on live and playback footage. We don’t just record the incident but prevent it with innovative and intelligent video analytSVL technology that pro-actively sends live alerts to your mobile phone or your email.

Installing your CCTV systems on a converged IP network, will greatly reduce costs but will increase functionality and seamless integration with other security or management applications such as IP access control, Intruder Alarms, Staff safety systems, Video AnalytSVL, ANPR and facial recognition systems.

By utilizing the Converged IP Network your security system can be powered by POE over your network and make best use of the fibre optic, copper and wireless networks already in place.

With SVL intelligent QOS (Quality of Service) you can be sure the bandwidth from such services will not affect the quality of other services on your Converged IP network.

High Definition CCTV can provide high clarity and detailed images from 1 Megapixel up to 7K (30MP), combined with open platform Video Management Software (VMS) and the Industries leading hardware.

Your next High Definition CCTV system can offer clear images and be Intelligent, Intuitive and easy to use.

You may be protecting against theft, robberies, and slips and falls in a shopping mall, you may require high definition video for cash counting in a bank, you may need to protect the perimeter of your organisation and be notified if there is a breach or you may require high definition CCTV over a reliable wireless network in a school/college. Whatever your requirement the SVL team are experts in the design, installation, integration and maintenance of your High Definition CCTV systems.