Today, an office phone system is increasingly part of a converged network—an Internet Protocol (IP) network that seamlessly ties together voice, data, video conferencing, wireless, instant messaging, and other business-critical communications tools and applications.

SVL provides telephony solutions & Installation for companies, businesses, professional offices, hotels and public administrations with guaranteed value for money.

We cater for businesses of any size, and offer a diverse telephony product range from basic two-user phone systems through to multi-user systems with 1000 users. We provide telephone systems, IP Phone systems, Digital Phone systems or Wireless phone systems, fitting any client’s requirements.

With our IP based telephone system, we are able to integrate all your offices into one unified communication platform where branches became just like an extension within the same office space. This greatly reduced operation cost and promoted efficiency of employees.

Just getting started or already established we have a phone system solution for your company. We can help you get the best out of your telephone system.

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