High Speed internet

We have strategically positioned ourselves as an independent provider by partnering with the major infrastructure providers in Kenya and the region.

  • This partnership helps us guide our customers on how to tap on ISP strengths in areas where the best reliable services.
  • We are able to our end-to-end customized support services which the bigger ISPs are not able to offer being in tier 1.High-Speed-Internet-2 (1)
  • We combine internet service provision with other value adds such as desktop support, system integration, managed services e.t.c

Our broadband internet over Fibre or microwave delivers an excellent value-based Internet access service that provides high-speed, uncapped connectivity over dedicated Fibre last-mile infrastructure.

This service offers low-latency, symmetrical bandwidth along world-class network backbone. Our premium Enterprise Internet Access (EIA) and Broadband services run over the same scalable fibre network infrastructure, providing a seamless upgrade path for clients who wish to upgrade, or run partitioned services over a single fibre circuit.

Broadband over Fibre Benefits:

  1. Cost-effective, superior, symmetrical bandwidth for high-speed Internet access
  2. Uncapped, unshaped Broadband available at a variety of speeds up to 100Mbps
  3. Prioritised, optimised bandwidth with the option of a cost effective, high-speed Broadband service for low priority traffic over existing IS Fibre infrastructure
  4. Consolidated invoice and single point of contact for both the last-mile infrastructure and Internet service offering
  5. Fixed monthly costs ensure predictable billing
  6. Elimination of downtime risk due to copper theft
  7. Expert technical support available 24/7 through the Global Service Centre