IP telephone systems

Every successful organization understands that IP telephony provides a way for you to extend highly secure, reliable, and consistent communications services to all employees irrespective of their geographic location, i.e. within the same premises or working remotely or though mobile phones. Simply put, IP telephony transmits voice communications over the network using open-standards-based Internet Protocol cutting costs and enhancing reach to employees.

SVL uses Unified Communication and Collaboration technology utilizing the network as a platform to unify voice, video, data, and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks enabling each and every user to easily communicate in any workspace using any media, device, or operating system.

The benefits of SVL Unified Communication and Collaboration technology solutions are:ip telephone services

  • Provide highly secure, reliable, scalable communications
  • Utilize your own LAN/WAN integrated and secure networks
  • Connect with employees/clients anywhere, everywhere
  • Ease of call processing
  • State-of-the-art Wired, Wireless, Softphones