Fire and Alarm Systems

Fire is one of the most feared catastrophes in business and will with no doubt crumple a business empire. Our Solutions has the expertise and professionals will take away that fire worry and business goes on as usual

Our fire suppression solutions are diverse in order to meet the protection needs of any type of environment. These include critical data centers in financial institutions, schools and universities, emergency hospitals, public works projects, industrial production sites and factories. We help maintain the continuity of your business in case of fire and reduce the consequent losses to an absolute minimum.

Common means of detection are through optic sensors, heat sensors, wiring or manual detection (depending on system selected).
SVL works with several world leading fire detection, suppression and protection like Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions (UK), Bosch Security Systems (Za), etc.

At SVL, no matter your fire protection needs and size, we provide solutions right from design stage to installation and maintenance.
We also stock both conventional and addressable control panels of various sizes as well as detectors of all kinds and accessories from reputable manufacturers.
Our fire solutions integrates easily with other sub-systems such as CCTV, electronic access control and building management Systems (BMS) for ease of control and management.

There are many systems available on the market and this can make it difficult to know for sure that you have made the most effective choice, one that offers the best protection for your business, employees and customers. At Aspect Fire Solutions, our advice will always be seasoned with experience, and we will deliver impartial expertise about the choices that have to be made. We will offer a full range of solutions, which are provided nationwide.

Understanding fire suppression systems

Your choices tend to be split into two key types – either ‘Chemical’ or ‘Inert’ fire suppression systems. There are many brand names, among the most popular inert gaseous systems are Argogen (IG55), Argonite (IG55), Inergen (IG541) and INERTSAFE300 (IG541) – and we’ve added the chemical designation of the gas compounds in brackets. Chemical suppression systems include FM200 and NOVEC 1230.
SVL is a specialist in the supply, installation and maintenance of FM-200 fire suppression systems.

FM-200 Applications

FM-200 Applications
Computer suites & data centres
Gas turbine enclosures
Telecommunications enclosures
Power generation
Museums, archives & data storage

FM-200 Is a fast, clean extinguishing agent accepted worldwide. It is suitable for the protection of most enclosed areas. Approved for use in normally occupied areas where personnel safety is paramount. It is stored under pressure as a liquid in cylinders and only requires a small storage “footprint” the FM-200 Is discharged through a piping network into the protected area.

FM-200 extinguishes the fire largely through heat absorption and chemical reaction at the flame front.FM-200 is electrically non-conductive and non-corrosive, additionally it leaves no oily residue or deposits. When complimented with a post discharge extract system, clean up time is kept to a minimum.

FM-200 Features

  • Colourless, odourless, gaseous fire suppression
  • Safe for use in busy/occupied areas
  • Ideal for areas of critical risk
  • Small storage area required
  • Zero ozone depleting potential
  • Approved for use on class A&B fires
  • Proven in tens of thousands of installations worldwide

Service and maintenance
In order to optimize the performance of any fire suppression system service & maintenance in accordance with the relevant standards is essential. We are able to offer a full “24/7” maintenance and call out facility as well as in house integrity testing and liquid level testing of the FM-200 cylinders.