Residential buildings

What can SVL do for Residential apartments?

At SVL we understand that intelligent networks and technology need to improve efficiency, increase security and ensure safety for all tenants and visitors.

With SVL intelligent building technology for residential buildings we provide an intelligent building that will equip you with improved communications, true mobility for IT systems, and security technology to reduce theft, liability claims and ensure safety.

We offer advice, design, and consultancy for residential facilities to achieve intelligent technology, built on a converged network. We install your converged wired and wireless network and we implement intelligent integrated IP technology at your facility.

The SVL team are experienced and equipped to deliver any size of project with our team delivering structured cabling, fibre optics, Wi-Fi, networking for communication systems, security systems and intelligent technology integration. The SVL team also offer the industry’s most comprehensive technical support and maintenance with SVL Care.

a) Wi-Fi for residential Apartments

Residential Apartments are investing and upgrading wireless technologies to improve the experience of the tenants.

Today, how we use our Internet has evolved to include media streaming, social media, and video conferencing for work, and keeping in touch with friends and family across the world. The SVL team can provide expert advice in supplying your commercial facility with a wireless solution. No commercial buildings are the same, so the SVL team can provide expert advice in supplying you with a Wi-Fi solution that suits your commercial building.

b) MATV for residential Apartments

High Definition MATV allows you to inform, promote and entertain your staff, visitors and management. With SVL high definition MATV and entertainment solutions it has never been easier to distribute High Definition multimedia entertainment services.matv for residence

A wide range of TV, radio can be distributed to many TV’s from a single antenna. High definition TV is often used in waiting areas, canteens and other social areas. You can increase productivity through targeted staff announcements and news.
No commercial buildings are the same, so the SVL team can provide expert advice in supplying you with a IP TV solution that suits your commercial building.

c)HD CCTV for residential Apartments

High Definition IP CCTV for commercial buildings and shopping malls can provide high clarity and detailed images from 1 Megapixel up to 7K (30 Megapixel), high definition cameras can be ideal for reducing false cctv_surveillance_security_camera_system_for_residential_home_hdb_singapore_balconyliability claims, monitoring and securing your business, car parks, perimeters, entrances and other working areas. HD CCTV can be used in commercial buildings for security, safety and management overview and combined with intelligent video analytics can alert security or management when there is activity in an unusual area of the organisation. IP CCTV with SVL integration services can be integrated with other IP systems such as access control, Intruder alarms, emergency systems and video analytics. Your next High Definition CCTV system can offer clear images, be Intelligent, Intuitive and easy to use. No commercial buildings are the same, so the SVL team can provide expert advice in supplying you with a HD CCTV solution that suits your commercial building.


d)Access Control for residential Apartments

Locks and keys allow you to lock and secure your building, but when keys are lost or stolen it can be a real pain and expensive to replace locks and re-issue keys.

Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) are critical to ensuring safety, security and preparing for an emergency in your commercial facility. If it’s a single access control door solution or a fully integrated access control system across multiple building, offices, work floors. SVL can utilise your IP wired and wireless network to provide you with an access control solution for your organisation.

Access control keys can be used for other billable services such as vending machines, car parks and canteens. No commercial buildings are the same, so the SVL team can provide expert advice in supplying you with an intelligent access control solution that suits your commercial building

e)LPR for residential Apartments

A licence plate recognition (LPR) system offers many benefits for management and security of commercial buildings.
SVL provide LPR software and specialist LPR camera hardware that reads licence plates and links this information with HD video. Our Licence plate recognition software will compare recognised number plates with pre-defined lists and initiate automatic actions such as opening a gate or barrier, notifying reception that a guest has arrived or alarming security when an unwanted licence plate enters the premises. SVL LPR can manage car parking access, for example automatically granting access to staff in to the staff car park. A SVL LPR system connects on the SVL converged network.

No commercial buildings are the same, so the SVL team can provide expert advice in supplying you with an intelligent licence plate recognition solution that suits your commercial building.

f) Intercom for residential Apartments

With an SVL intercom system, you can easily communicate with visitors at any entry point of your building. Once a guest is recognized, someone can either authorize or deny admission into any particular location of the building, whether you are on-site or away.
With its easy integration with access control systems, intercom systems provide a simple and secure solution to protect your employees and inventory.
Today’s intercom systems offer a full range of options for both indoor and outdoor connectivity.

From a single button buzzer to multi button systems for gated communities and businesses, these systems are available to suit any size or type of building.
It is perfect for use both residential and office buildings when confirming the identity of visitors is necessary before granting access.
No residential Apartments are the same, so the SVL team can provide expert advice in supplying your facility with a visitor management solution for your commercial buildings.

g) Converged Networks for residential Apartments

SVL Network convergence for residential Apartments, refers to the provision of Telephone, Wi-Fi, Video and data communication services and intelligent IP systems such as IP CCTV, IP Access Control, IP Audio and other integrated solutions within a single intelligent network. In other words, one pipe is used to deliver all forms of communication services throughout your banking facilities. Our main goal of such integration is to deliver better services and lower overall costs to our clients.

Wouldn’t it be more cost-efficient to have just one network for all intelligent IP devices throughout your commercial building and that’s the promise of SVL converged networking: one highly scalable, high-performance network with consistent management tools that can handle Ethernet, storage, security and entertainment network traffic.