SSVL designs, builds and maintain high quality FTA TV & Satellite signal distribution system providing a TV signal to every room or property within a building without the need for multiple satellite dishes or digital TV aerials.

If you are a business office, school, hospital, hotel or other commercial premises, we can install, maintain and repair your unified TV system.

However complex your TV or A/V distribution requirements are, our engineers will designed a system that will provide the best value and performance possible now and into the future.

With the challenges of evolving technology, our access to the best products world-wide enables us to offer and support innovative and reliable TV distribution systems from small apartments to large corporate towers.

Whether in traditional RF topologies or IPTV networks we are up to the task to ensure you get the correct solution installed professionally to give desired results.

Apart from a wide range of available technologies to choose from, there are also many different premises and applications for TV and A/V distribution, which means that there is no single “best solution” for any particular project. Spans Technical personnel are experts at matching the available technology to each individual project requirement, whether it is a simple project to switch signals from an antenna, PVR and Set-Top Box to several TVs around home to a major commercial distribution project, mixing TV signals with IP systems around large venues.

Contact-us today to discuss your specific requirements with your at your earliest convenience.

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