NOTE TO INSPECTOR: The number in the junction box merely identifies the local socket-number range. It is not a serial number or similar. Thanks.

No business today can expect to operate efficiently without fast, responsive and flexible communication, and the key to efficient and cost-effective communication is having a unified communications (UC) platform utilise SIP technologies, which is fully integrated with your network and other business software. And, achieving this doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive when you know how.

At  SPANS Ventures Solutions, we design and specify VoIP and PABX digital phone systems that are straightforward to understand and operate without specialist skills, and yet provide a huge range of functions beyond simply being able to make a phone call. This makes our business phone system solutions the ideal communications platforms for small and medium enterprises, industrial organisations, not-for-profit and charity organisations, as well as schools and colleges. We specialise in national PBX roll outs and site linking.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our UC systems make it simple for businesses across Australia to be able to talk to their prospects, clients, suppliers and staff wherever they are, quickly and efficiently and in a way that’s cost effective too.