Building backbone network

Just as electrical installation is designed, provisioned and installations done during a building construction cycle, we have adopted the same methodology to designing, provisioning and installing building’s data/voice network.

A healthy network starts with a reliable foundation. Our backbone cabling provides vital interconnections between telecommunications rooms, equipment rooms, and entrance facilities within your network and between buildings.

Our high quality cable and connecting hardware helps ensure reliable connections for your critical data and communication networks.

We offer both copper and fiber cable and wide range of connecting hardware choices meeting various transmission performances, jacketing material for rodent resistance and fire rating requirements. Most importantly, we understand your need for bandwidth and distances for your applications demand today and in the future.

When incorporated in the building design and plans from the initial stage of construction we guarantees you numerous benefits as indicated below:

  • The solution is future proof since it’s an IP system.
  • You are able to determine total ICT investment budget for your project from an early stage
  • The development will be fully internet ready attracting more tenants or buyers.
  • Substantial ICT setup cost saving since the designs/provisions will be incorporated from the initial stages of construction.
  • You will maintain the elegant aesthetic look of the project since no antennas or surface trunking will be installed after construction.
  • You will be able to maintain uniform standards for all installation to all premise users/tenants/owners.
  • Maintenance cost of the building will be lower due to minimal damages as tenants try to install their systems.
  • The ICT system can act as a revenue source for commercial establishments.