Building Management system

Traditional building management systems typically have stand-alone applications with separate monitoring and control stations for HVAC Controls, energy metering and power management, central plant equipment and lighting. While each application is beneficial on its own, the real power lies in managing them as one, intelligent solution.

Building automation describes the advanced functionality provided by the control system of a building. The control system is a computerized, intelligent network of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical, electronics, and lighting systems in a building.

BMS/ BAS core functionality keeps the building climate within a specified range, provides lighting based on an occupancy schedule, and monitors system performance and device failures and provides email and/or text notifications to building engineering/maintenance staff. The BAS functionality reduces building energy and maintenance costs when compared to a non-controlled building.

SVL is pleased to offer Various Web based building automation systems. Building automation systems or BAS have evolved over the years and we have worked to pioneer this technology into the Kenyan market.

SVL understands that designing, configuring, implementing and maintaining BAS solutions is serious business. We use a structured and systematic approach to deliver the value and the results that you need.

SVL can successfully integrate, install and maintain building management systems and provide life cycle support for facilities like yours, making it easier to increase comfort, safety and security for your occupants.