With an SVL intercom system, you can easily communicate with visitors at any entry point of your building. Once a guest is recognized, someone can either authorize or deny admission into any particular location of the building, whether you are on-site or away.

With its easy integration with access control systems, intercom systems provide a simple and secure solution to protect your employees and inventory.
Today’s intercom systems offer a full range of options for both indoor and outdoor connectivity.

From a single button buzzer to multi button systems for gated communities and businesses, these systems are available to suit any size or type of building.
It is perfect for use both residential and office buildings when confirming the identity of visitors is necessary before granting access.

Add convenience and security to your office with an intercom system from SVL. We provide a wide range of intercom entry systems and video door phones equipped with high-definition sound, moving video monitors, and multi zone capability.

Our intercom products are basically in the following categories;intecom video

  • Audio Intercom – Interphone/Door Phone
  • Video Intercoms – Video Phones
  • Single unit system


  • New Installation & Service Existing Systems– Regardless if you are starting from scratch or have an existing system, Independent Alarm can help get your business up and running. No intercom system is too small or large. Legacy systems can be updated and / or repaired. New systems can be designed from scratch.
  • Audio / Video & Video Only Systems– Nearly all building intercom systems have the ability to be upgraded or freshly installed with either a video and audio system or an audio only system. Having a video and audio system installed on the building is the best way to secure the building properly. Images of each guest can be recorded for security purposes.
  • Integration with Existing Access Control Systems– Do you have an existing legacy door that has some type of access control? New intercom systems can usually directly integrate with existing hardware and door controls. Speak with your Independent Alarm representative about reusing your existing equipment.
  • Integrate with Existing CCTV Systems– Most intercom systems can reuse an existing surveillance camera that is near an entry door for identification purposes. Each building is different and your situation should be discussed with your Independent intercom engineer.
  • Expandable Systems– Start small and grow your system as your needs increase. All intercom systems can be expanded in the future. As long as wire can be run in your building, you can add additional room and door stations. When making a decision, always consider that wiring is always less expensive when walls are open or down to studs. Your representative can discuss options with you.
  • Upgrade Existing Systems Using Existing Wire– Do you have an existing legacy system in your building? Most of the time, new systems can simply reuse existing wiring and save you thousands of shillings in the interim. Every building is different so careful consideration is needed for each situation. Your knowledgeable independent SVL engineer will advise you of your options for reusing the system.