Integrated intruder alarm system

In commercial, industrial and domestic settings, intruders not only have the potential to damage or steal your goods, but just by their presence violate your privacy. Traditional ‘bell-only’ alarm systems will make a lot of noise, but surely the best security solution will stop the intruder entering in the first place.

SVL design, install and maintain ether the standard intruder systems that detects motion and raise an alarm and even sends a notification via SMS or a more advanced IP based intruder alarm systems in accordance to acceptable work standards.

Unlike a traditional intruder alarm system, a SVL Intelligent IP alarm can be designed and installed to integrate with other intelligent systems such;

  • Access control,
  • Video Analyt SVL CCTV
  • Smart Control rooms.

We integrate motion sensors and contacts with heating and lighting/power controls making it a smart building solution. As a SVL IP Intruder alarm is IP network based, we can utilise existing network infrastructure and cabling with the end goal of reducing costs and increasing intelligent functionality.